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College Counseling

The College Counseling/Placement Office works with students and parents to council and advise students on their college choices.  Each student is advised and assisted individually throughout the college process.  The College Counseling/Placement Office houses a variety of resources to assist students with post-high school planning.  Computer programs and printed materials provide information on colleges and occupations.  Even thought the official start of the college process begins early in junior year, the College Placement Office services all students in grades 9-12.

The College Counseling/Placement Office will not only provide materials, it will also assist in all aspects of the college process.

The philosophy of the College Counseling Office is to help students achieve in all areas of growth in their journey towards their college experience.  The College Counseling Office will:
  • Assist students in the college process throughout their high school career.
  • Impart knowledge to students & their families on the current state of college admissions & procedures.
  • Guide students in making informed decisions on their college choices.
  • Build relationships with local, national, & international schools to increase communication between colleges & Oratory Prep.
  • Stay current on trends and information regarding all aspects of college.
  • Provide personal and group counseling to students of Oratory Prep.
  • Advise students on summer opportunities that will enhance their college & career objectives.
  • Assist students in researching and obtaining scholarships.
  • Instruct and assist students and parents in Naviance.
  • Offer opportunities for students to meet with colleges and admissions staff, through college fairs & visiting representatives.
  • Support students and their families throughout the entire process of choosing the best-fit college.
Mrs. Ann Geissler
Director of College Planning